Heavy Vehicle Training By Elite Heavy Vehicle Driving School

Heavy Vehicle Competency Based Assessment (CBA) is the most popular way to obtain a Heavy vehicle licence in New South Wales.

To obtain your licence under CBA with Elite Heavy Vehicle Driving School, the RMS requires you to pass a knowledge test and you will then be issued with 2 books : A Guide to Heavy Vehicle Competency Based Assessment & A Heavy Vehicle Competency Based Assessment Learner's Log Book.

The Guide outlines the requirements to pass the assessments as well as the tasks you need to perform to complete each competency. The log book is the official record of your progress which we will fill out for you.

Under the CBA system you are assessed under a wide range of driving conditions by an RMS accredited assessor. When you have demonstrated that you can perform certain skills (called competencies), these are progressively recorded in your log book. Once all competencies are successfully completed and reported to the RMS by the assessor you can go to any RMS motor registry to upgrade your licence.

For more information you can download the RMS's "Getting Your Heavy Vehicle License" brochure

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