About Elite Heavy Vehicle Driving School

Elite Heavy Vehicle Driving School is an organisation that is passionate about the transport industry. We believe both the transport & mining industries are a challenging and exciting career choice that offer their employee's the opportunity of earning sizeable incomes which are the envy of other industries.

With this in mind our goal is to train truck drivers in the safe operation of heavy vehicles to aid in public safety as well as the efficient and sound operation of heavy vehicles, reducing costly repairs to your employer and embarrassing mistakes for yourself.

Our goal is that by using Elite Heavy Vehicle Driving School potential employers will recognise who trained and assessed you and would be confident in your ability to operate one of their heavy vehicles.

Elite Heavy Vehicle Driving School have successfully trained over 1,000 drivers with a 98% pass rate.

Intensive Driving Courses

Fed up training in Sydney's traffic and want to get qualified without the drama's of city roads? Have you considered Elite Heavy Vehicle Driving School in beautiful Port Macquarie?

Why not stay in a motel or hotel while you take part in our training courses and license assessments on the roads of the Mid North Coast of NSW?

Contact us today on 0427 258 131 to book your first lesson and first step of a new career.


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